Memoirs or autobiography? What's the difference?

What's the difference between memoirs and an autobiography?

An autobiography is generally considered to be a detailed account of your entire life to date in chronological order starting at birth.

So you can only write one autobiography, which might have a title like "My life story".

A memoir is only one story from your life. Memoirs are a collection of stories from your life. 

You can write several individual memoirs. For example your could write a memoir (one story) called "Growing up in Liverpool in the 1950s"

Or you could write several memoirs and publish them together as a collection of several stories from in your life.

Then the individual memoirs could be organised in chapters, for example, Chapter 1 "Growing up in Liverpool in the1950s" and Chapter 2 could be "Fishing  in the Mersey River."

Famous people generally write an autobiography with the intention of selling books. They often use the services of a "ghostwriter." A ghostwriter is a professional writer who writes the autobiography in someone elses name.

Ghostwriters are not cheap, so many people would probably only consider a ghostwriter if they expected to sell enough copies of their memoirs to recuperate the cost of a ghostwriter and the publication costs.

Of course you don't have to be famous to use a ghostwriter and if you are considering a book that will be on sale to the public and you want it to be of very high quality, then a ghostwriter service is absolutely a valid option.

Most of us are not well known or world famous but we are "family famous" and well known to our family and friends who would love to read our memoirs.

Luckily there are many ways to do write your memoirs in a simple and fun way and is one of the best ways to write your family memoirs.

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