Free Sailing Club memoir

Sailing Club Memoir

Order a Free Sailing Club Memoir book for your sailing club

We invite sailing clubs with a large membership size to publish a completely free paperback memoir book based on your club members' unique stories and photos. It's very straightforward and great fun for all involved.

What is a sailing club memoir?

A sailing club memoir is a collection of your club members' most memorable tales and pictures transformed into a stunning paperback book.

Why order a sailing club memoir?

A sailing club memoir will help to preserve your sailing club's history, legacy and experience and could be a valuable tool to help recruit new members.

How it works:

You invite your club members to submit their best sailing stories and photos, told in their own words. The officers of your club then select around 20 of the best stories which you then send to us at Photomemoirs, along with accompanying photos.

We format your story choices into an fabulous sailing club memoir anthology of short sailing stories with photos ready for publishing.

After your club’s final approval, we’ll publish your club memoir as a paperback book on Amazon, as part of our "Sailing Club Memoir" series.

Your members can then order their copy of the book directly on Amazon. Books are individually printed ‘on demand’ by Amazon and delivered directly to the buyers home address.

It's free!

There are no costs for your club at any time. Our publishing costs will be covered by future royalties from book sales and we assume any risk that our costs might not be covered fully, so again, there are no costs for you at any time during the publishing process. Please bear in mind, however, that we can only provide a fully free memoir to clubs with a sufficiently large membership base to make it viable for us.

A great idea for your sailing club!
Here are some reasons why we think this is a great idea for your sailing club.

Preserving History and Experience:

A published memoir captures and preserves collective sailing wisdom, tips, and experiences that will entertain old members and benefit future members navigating the same waters.

Recruiting New Members:

We think a published memoir will be a powerful tool for attracting new members to your club. After reading the book, potential new members might be drawn to the allure of a sailing club and its shared experiences.

Member Engagement:

Involving your members in this project will strengthen the club's sense of community and engagement. This project encourages active participation and collaboration, contributing to a stronger bond among your members and their families.


A professionally published memoir not only celebrates individual members but also elevates the overall prestige and reputation of your club. It positions you as a club that values and preserves the diverse experiences of your sailing community.

Book size:

Our memoir format is paperback of 9 x 6 inches in size with approximately 160 pages with color illustrations, featuring a foreword, a brief club history and around 20 stories with photos.


Your sailing club retains full copyright of the individual stories and photos and can freely use them elsewhere.

If this proposal is of interest to your sailing or yacht club, then we’d be very pleased to hear from you and to answer any questions that you might have.

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