Why write memoirs?

Why write a memoir?

Why not? A memoir is a great fun and a real source of joy in countless ways.
Why write a memoir. Top reasons to write a memoir
It's a magical experience
A simple method like Photomemoirs makes it easy to publish your unique family stories and personal life lessons for future generations to read and enjoy. Here are some reasons why writing your photo memoirs is a wonderful idea:
Writing memoirs is so much fun
Memoirs are fun both to write and to read. Memoirs can be a source of joy and contentment in later years and can bring families closer together.
Writing memoirs spread joy
Memoirs brings joy to everyone who reads them. Memoirs are family history and joyous and grand times can be relived again and again through photos and the stories surrounding the events.
Memoirs bring perspective
Writing your memoirs is a wonderful way to reflect and understand how wonderful life is - in all its twists and turns. Memoirs put life into perspective and can help give lives a deeper meaning. Most of us are far from world famous, but you only have to be "family famous" to write your story for future family generations to enjoy.
Memoirs inspire future generations
Memoirs are a wonderful and inspirational gift for your family and future generations. Memoirs preserve the best moments of a life for grandchildren and future generations. They will love reading your memoirs and looking at the photos that continue to bring the stories to life.
Memoirs preserve precious life lessons
Writing memories are a chance to pass on advice, wisdom and life lessons to inspire your family to carry on traditions and preserve family unity and love. Memoirs inspire family members to aspire to live wonderful lives and to take pride in the family heritage that shaped them. So don’t let great family stories and hard earned life lessons be lost to future generations.
Memoirs create dignity and respect
We all grow old and as we age we need a little help and support from family and carers. Sadly many people only see age and weakness in seniors and can't see the beauty, wisdom and experience. Seniors deserve respect and gratitude for their many contributions to society. A memoir can help add substance to life as a senior and increase respect, dignity and caring from carers and family.
Memoirs contribute to local history
Memoirs play an important part in local history. Many people have unique local knowledge and experience. Their memoirs can be a valuable source of information for present and future historians and help preserve information about the past for future generations.