How to order Photo Memoirs. What do we provide

We provide the PhotoMemoirs service to create and publish a PhotoMemoirs book using our system.

Your finished PhotoMemoirs book will be created using your own selection of 30, 40 or 50 of your own photographs and your own voice recordings that describe each photograph that you have chosen for your PhotoMemoirs book.

You select the photographs yourself from your personal collection and you make the voice recordings yourself. 

PhotoMemoirs provides instructions and support to help you with the following steps:

How to choose photographs and record the voice files.

How to help you convert your photographs from paper photographs to digital files

How to make your voice recordings using a dictaphone.

>  How to send us the digital photos and voice recordings

After receiving the digital photographs and voice recordings, the PhotoMemoirs team transcribes your voice recordings into text files and formats the photographs and text files into a book

Then PhotoMemoirs team creates a front and back cover using a PhotoMemoirs cover templates of your choice

When the book is finished we send you a copy for approval and then you get your PhotoMemoirs book in a digital e-book version and 5 paperbacks books.

You can order more copies from us anytime and we charge a very small handling fee to process orders for more books

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