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Please read carefully and in full before ordering. Thank you.

Services included:

Please do not place an order to write or publish a memoir until you have read our "How it works" page and our Start here page. Thank you.

Your order will include the "Photomemoirs Starter Kit" which contains clear instructions and guidelines for how to write your memoir using the Photomemoir system and how we will support and guide you from start to finish.

Please note your memoir will be published on Amazon in a paperback and Kindle edition.Support is also included.

It works like this: you select 60, 100 or 120 photographs from your personal collection. You then sort them into the order you desire. Then make brief reminder notes on the information you want to include in each story before finally making a voice recording of each story using the dictaphone.

When you have made the recordings, then send them to us. Your starter kit includes instructions and support for how to convert your photographs to digital files and how to send both photographs and voice recording files to us.

When we receive your image and audio files, your assigned editor will transcribe, edit and format them to create your memoir book. Your editor will also work with our graphic designers to make a cover. You will have full approval throughout the process.

When your book is ready for publishing, we will send you a proof edition copy for final approval. After you have approved it, it will be submitted to Amazon for publication in paperback and e-book editions.

After publication you will receive 5 paperback edition books and the link to your published book on Amazon for friends and family to order paperback or digital books.

If you have any questions before ordering please contact us or read our FAQ page.

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