Memoir Makeover

Service: memoir makeover

Have you already written or published your memoirs but want to freshen them up with a new cover or new digital ebook edition. We can help give them a makeover
Memoir makeover
Memoir makeover
New life for old memoirs
What is a Memoir Makeover?

A "memoir makeover" works like this. You send us an existing family memoir manuscript that has already been written or transcribed. It might have been circulated among family in a photocopied version or in a binder but has never been formally published.

We can then give it a makeover and publish it for you. In close collaboration with the author or the current owner(s) of the manuscript, we will digitize the contents and perhaps suggest some mild editing and revisions with the inclusion of footnotes where appropriate.

We will add photographs if available, which will bring the stories to life. We will arrange and format the contents and add a lovely book cover. Finally we prepare your memoir as a book for publication as a paperback and Kindle eBook on Amazon.

Example of our "memoir makeover" service
As an example of our "memoirs makeover" service, kindly see our published book "Turquoise Ink." This is a wonderful collection of short stories which prior to contacting had only been distributed to family members but never formally published as a book. We helped create the title; we provided a new cover; we added a lovely introduction chapter written by family members; we added photos and maps to each story title The finished result brought the original stories to life and is a delight to read.