How to write a memoir

Tell us the stories of your favourite photos... and we'll turn them into a superb memoir!

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How to write memoirs

Publish your Memoir!

How to publish a Memoir. Photomemoirs is a family publishing company that specialises in publishing memoirs. We'd love to help you publish your memoir.

If you have already written a memoir that you want to publish, or self-publish, as a paperback book and e-book - or if you have a family memoir that has not been published, then we can help you. Contact us today!
How to write memoirs
How to write a photo memoir - what would it look like.

Write your Memoir!

How to write a Memoir
A memoir is a great fun and a real source of joy in countless ways.

Photomemoirs is a simple way to write and publish your special and unique family stories and personal life lessons for future generations to read and enjoy. 
You don't need writing skills to write a Memoir using the Photomemoirs method.

The Photomemoirs method

How to write a memoir.
The Photomemoirs system is a simple and fun way for people to write and publish a memoir to preserve their past and heritage for present and future generations to treasure.

Photomemoirs is a wonderful project for families, friends and communities and will bring joy to young and old generations alike.
How to self-publish a memoir. How to publish on Amazon
Why write a memoir?

Why write a memoir?

Why not? Memoirs spread great joy
Memoirs are both fun to write and to read. Memoirs are a source of joy and contentment in later years and bring families together.

Here are some reasons why writing your photo memoirs is a wonderful idea:

Published memoirs

A Saskatoon Girl by Patricia Harrison
A Saskatoon Girl by Patricia Harrison
We received a request to publish a memoir written in the 1960s which had never published as a book. We transformed it from a manuscript to a book, adding a lovely cover, some photos and new chapter titles with images.
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Turquoise Ink by Ruth McKenzie Bird
Turquoise Ink
by Ruth McKenzie Bird
A wonderful collection of short stories from a lifetime as an army wife in many exotic places. Photomemoirs helped create the title, designed the book cover; added a lovely introduction chapter, added photos and  maps. it all helped bring the original stories to life and is a delight to read!
Read more
How to write your memoirs
Copenhagen to Ipoh
by Lisette Staal Williams
A new memoir written using the Photomemoirs method. Lisette Staal Williams puts her own words and memories to her favourite photos from a British Army posting to Ipoh, Malaysia in the late 1950s. Born and bred in Denmark, a meeeting with a young British army officer in 1957 changed her life.
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Why choose Photomemoirs?

The Memoir Specialists are Memoir Specialists. We have a passion for memoirs and you can trust us to make your memoir writing and publishing experience special and unique!
How to self-publish a memoir on Amazon

Self-publish on Amazon

How to self-publish on Amazon
Photomemoir can help you self-publish your memoir on Amazon in a high quality paperback format. 

We will help you use Amazon's self-publishing services so that you can reach millions of readers worldwide but keep control of your work and decide royalties. It can be tricky by yourself but it's fast and easy to publish your book or memoir independently but with our help.
Contact us today for help to write or publish a memoir with our help. 
How to write memoirs

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How to write memoirs