Christmas gift ideas - Give a Memoir Writing Gift

Unique family Christmas present idea - A memoir writing gift!

Give a Photomemoirs book as a Christmas 'Memoir writing gift'. It's a unique and special Christmas present for families.
Christmas present ideas - Give Memoir Writing Gift - gif for seniors and grandparents
Reasons why a 'memoir writing gift' is a perfect present.
Looking for awesome family gifts for Christmas? Keep reading to find out why a 'memoir writing gift' is a perfect gift. It might be the best Christmas present you've ever given.
Christmas present ideas - Give Memoir Writing Gift - gif for seniors and grandparents
1. Christmas is about family - so is a memoir
Christmas is synonymous with family joy and love - and so is a memoir.

Christmas is about making family memories. A memoir is about preserving those memories.

Christmas is about bringing all family generations together to share  love and strengthen bonds. So is a memoir.

All this makes a memoir writing gift is perfect for Christmas.

Photomemoirs is a new, fun and easy to write a treasured memoir. Read how it works.
Christmas present ideas - Give Memoir Writing Gift - gif for seniors and grandparents
2. Family history is a popular pastime
Writing memoirs, genealogy and family history are among the most popular hobbies in the world. You can't go wrong with a memoir gift.
3. A memoir gift can be shared
Giving a memoir writing as a gift does cost more than a cashmere sweater or argyle socks, but think of the many hours of tremendous joy while reminiscing, writing and reading a memoir book! This depth of love and joy is priceless.

Also consider that the cost of a memoir writing gift, can be shared between many family members and paid in installments. We think  your family is worth it.

Oh, and by the way, you might get a little of your investment back, when friends and family order copies on Amazon because you keep all right and decide your own royalties on a Photomemoirs book.
Christmas ideas - Give Memoir Writing Gift
4. Memoirs is a true family project
A memoir writing gift brings families together. A memoir writing gift is a real family present. From young to old - everyone can help support the memoir writing. You'll be surprised at how much fun it is.
What's in a Photomemoirs Starter Kit?
The Photomemoirs Starter Kit makes a great gift for Christmas or other occasions. It comes in a nice tote bag and contains a dictaphone, a finished Photomemoirs book for inspiration, a user manual, a notebook, a pen and you'll have your own Photomemoirs editor to help from start to finish! If we can't deliver the kit in time for Christmas we'll send you a certificate and the the Kit will arrive later.
Christmas ideas - Give Memoir Writing Gift
Why write a memoir?

Sometimes the people you want to write a memoir, are not interested. The typical objections are usually,  'I can't write'' or 'Nothing of interest happened in my life.' Well, that's just not true in the case of writing a family memoir - and especially not true about writing a photo memoir.

We believe that anyone can write a photo memoir. We can almost prove it! A photo memoir is about telling the stories of one's favourite photos.. and anyone can do that. And what could be more interesting to family than reading about past family stories and events?

Read our blog posts for inspiration

Why write a memoir
How Photomemoirs works.

Christmas present ideas - Give Memoir Writing Gift - gift for families, seniors and grandparents