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How to write your life story?

An easy way to write your life story is to base it on photographs. is a simple and fun way to write by telling the stories of your best photos!

Photomemoirs is a family company that offer an online service to write a memoir using the Photomemoirs m,ethod.

Have a look at a an example of a photo memoir book written and published using the Photomemoirs method.

You don't need any writing skills to tell your life story using the Photomemoirs method.

You can write or simply record the stories of your most memorable photographs in your own words. It's just like showing someone your photos and describing your memories of the events. 

Photomemoirs will assign an editor to you and will publish your best life stories as a paperback book and an e-book on Amazon, so that friends and family can order it directly.

Contact us for an offer. We love memoirs and we'd love to publish yours

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