Memoir Tips - Top Tips for how to write a Memoir

Memoir Tips - Top Tips for how to write a Memoir

memoir writing tips and advice

Advice for someone who wants to know how to write a memoir from the memoir specialists

It’s easier than one thinks to write and publish a memoir in the 21st century thanks to  digital technology. Many of us who are in the “memoir” stage of life, perhaps aren’t also the biggest fans of all this new digital technology and we understand that. But it must be said that for writing memoirs this new technology makes everything much easier, cheaper and more fun than it used to be. These are our Top Tips for writing a memoir

Write for yourself and for your family and friends 

You don’t have to be famous or have a spectacular life to write a memoir. You’re already “family famous” and “friend famous” so write your memoir for them. A long life is full of change and details and that’s what makes an interesting read. At heart, most of us are a bit nosy (which explains why social media is so addictive) and reading a memoir gives a special peak into a private life. So don’t worry about your book being boring. It won't be boring to family and friends.

Make a writing plan

It’s important to make a plan for writing your memoir. Any kind of writing is a long and laborious process. There will be times when it feels never-ending.Writing a memoir is a task and takes organisation. If you make a plan for writing your memoir, then you will never feel completely lost. If you decide to team up with Photomemoirs to write or publish a memoir, then our publishing team will help you every step of the way. You’re welcome to contact us for an offer.

Structure your memoir

This is very important. Many memoirs start off with a bang and fizzle out. There’s nothing wrong with that because we often experience more adventures in youth and then life quietens down as we age. A memoir is not a novel and doesn’t have to have a thrilling ending but a good structure helps to balance the content and make it a better reading experience. A good memoir is not about what to put in, but what to leave out.  


Do as much research as possible. It’s not much fun to read a memoir full of patchy memories and vague recollections. “When I was six, we moved to London! Or was I five? I think I might have been five.. Anyway... ” If you can’t remember your own age or checked the dates, then the reader will wonder how much of your stories, you remember well. A memoir is fact not fiction so check everything that can be checked. The internet is fantastic for researching memoirs and you can check family papers and talk to other family and friends who were there at the time. As we grow older our memory does sometimes play little tricks, so it’s important to research as much as possible. Research will also bring back memories and fill in details.

Take your time

Writing and publishing a memoir will take longer than you think.The writing takes time and the proofreading takes time. And at times you may wish you’d never started, but that’s usually when you are very close to being finished. When you have your finished book in your hands, you will be very glad and proud of your accomplishment. 

Be positive

As we grow older, people can become a little more grumpy and impatient which can be unpleasant in a working relationship. We think it’s important to make a big effort to be polite, patient and pleasant at all times. Think of writing a memoir as being on a long train journey with other people in a small compartment. It’s easier for everyone if you all get on well and help each other along the way.  Try to be nice and easy to work with. Spread praise and don’t be too hard on mistakes. Writing a memoir is about people and people are human.

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This website is by, The Memoir Specialist and is full of tips and help to help you write and publish a memoir using the Photomemoirs method. We can also help you publish an already written memoir. This website is by, The Memoir Specialists, and is full of tips and help to help you write and publish a memoir using the Photomemoirs method. We can also help you publish an already written memoir. 

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