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Memoir answers - Where can I publish a memoir?

Where can I publish a memoir? The easiest place to self-publish a memoir is on Amazon.

You can do it yourself which is very easy - or you can get a company help you.

Thanks to technological advances and the digital age we live in, you no longer need a traditional publisher to be able to publish a memoir.

In theory, publishing on Amazon is very simple. You upload a Word Document to Amazon and add a cover.

In practise, it's a little more complex, if you would like a professional looking result, so a company like our Photomemoirs, who are specialised in memoirs, can help you format your book and publish it for you on Amazon. 

You keep full copyright and all royalties from sales of your book. At Photomemoirs we onlyl help you get it all ready and publish it as a book in our memoir series.

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