Memoir ideas - inspiration for writing a memoir

Memoir ideas from the Memoir Specialists

On this page we listed some ideas for inspiration for your memoirs. 

1. Your family members. who were they and what were they like.

2. Your home. How did you live. describe the house, apartment and surroundings

3. School. Where was it. What you you remember.

4. The places. Where did you live. What were the times like

5. Famous people. Who was famous back then

6. Sports. What sports did you enjoy

7. Your idols. Who did you look up to when you were young and why

8. Your profession. How did you get into it.

9. Your holidays. Where were they. What were they like

10. People you remember well

11. Hobbies. what do you enjoy collecting or doing in your spare time.

12. Famous people you have met or seen?

13. Famous events you witnessed or remember.

14. Your relationships. Your first love, your marriage or divorce

15. Pets you have had.

16. Cars or other vehicles that you have owned

17. Illness in your family

18. Good fortune and bad fortune in your life.

19. Things you have learned about life

20. A particular thing that changed your life

21. Your favourite things.

22. Your regrets in life - things you would change

23. Your best friends

24. The happiest time of your life

25. A historical event that changed your life

26. What you have done to help other people

27. Your military or other service

28. Problems that you have overcome