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Memoir tips - how to find time to write a memoir

How to find time to write a memoir

Many individuals tend to believe they're too occupied to embark on writing a memoir, often using the "I'm too busy" excuse, which may mask underlying concerns about their ability to craft an engaging memoir or the perceived dullness of their life experiences.

No need to fret. To begin with, there are no strict rules when it comes to writing a memoir, so there's no need to fear any "memoir police" intervention. Additionally, keep in mind that the primary audience for most memoirs consists of family and friends, who are sure to cherish your book.

You don’t have to be world famous to write a memoir – "family famous" is more than enough. You’ll be astounded at how much praise you will get.

Certainly, it does require a bit of time. This is precisely why creating a photo memoir is such a wonderful concept. Even if you lead a busy life, a photo memoir is quite manageable, practically writing itself and demanding less time than you might imagine. Plus, it's an enjoyable process, and when you're having fun, time seems to fly by.

Similar to tackling various projects, the key to conquering writer's block in memoir writing is to take action. Cultivate a habit of action. Another effective memoir strategy involves scheduling short, 15-minute writing sessions, which often extend to 30 minutes, providing an ideal timeframe. By dedicating just 15 to 30 minutes each week, you'll swiftly accumulate ample content for your photo memoir. Here are some practical tips to establish an action habit and carve out time for your memoir writing.

Use the Jigsaw method to write a memoir


Imagine assembling a vast jigsaw puzzle: scattered pieces on a table, approached through short, enjoyable sessions where you add a few pieces at a time. Sometimes it's just a quick moment, sometimes a more extended engagement, with both solitary and shared moments. Every addition clarifies the puzzle's picture, boosting your motivation and the thrill of completion.

Writing a memoir mirrors this puzzle-making process. Set up a dedicated memoir table in your home for a few weeks and approach it in the same manner: with brief sessions. You'll make remarkable progress, kindling your eagerness to see the final result. Friends and family may even join in, offering encouragement to keep you motivated, as they too look forward to witnessing the finished memoir.

Memoir cruise method

While on a cruise, consider composing your memoir. Bring along your Photomemoirs User Manual and a selection of chosen photos for inspiration. If you adore cruise vacations, there's no better place to find a serene spot and document the tales behind your pictures. You'll be in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere with extra time between entertainment and shore excursions, creating the perfect backdrop for reflecting on your life. Allocate just 15 to 30 minutes each day while cruising to narrate the stories behind two or three photos. This approach will kickstart your photo memoir splendidly. Just remember to safeguard your photos from the wind or bring duplicates to keep them secure!

Coffee memoirs method

Plan a daily memoir writing / recording session over coffee. Get the memoir writing into your daily routine but try to plan short sessions. Just one photo at a time. While you’re having a mid-morning coffee, pick up a photo and tell the story. There! It’ll be done by the time you finish your coffee.

Monday memoir session

Monday is a great day for memoir writing. There’s usually not much going on, so make a Monday memoir session for an hour to record a few stories.

A joint memoir

No, we're not suggesting a memoir about the joints you've smoked. What we mean is, if you're fortunate to have a life partner, consider capturing your stories together – create a shared memoir. It's like getting two memoirs in one, a beautiful collaboration filled with cherished memories, sure to be adored by your family. Conversations sparked by photos and a shared life journey await.

Have fun

Embrace the process with joy! Crafting your memoir is a unique journey. Keep in mind, there are no strict rules for memoir writing. Consider it as something accessible to everyone, akin to creating a webpage or a social media account. Don't worry about achieving perfection; life isn't flawless, and neither are life stories.

Just give it your best effort and always remember that a photo memoir is a gift for your family, friends, and perhaps a few local historians. For them, it will be among the most cherished books they've ever encountered. Reflect on memoir writing and publishing as an achievable endeavor, much like setting up a webpage or a social media profile.

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