Memoir answers - help for writing a photo memoir

Memoir answers - How to write a picture memoir?

How to write a picture memoir?

A picture memoir is a memoir that is mostly based on photographs. It's also often called a photo memoir.

It's a collection of photos that have accompanying text.

You could think of a photographic memoir as being noire than a photo album but perhaps a little than a full memoir or autobiography.

A picture memoir has more information about photos than a photo album which often only has a short capition, but it will not does not need as much detail as a book because the photos provide much of the information for the reader, which can make a photo memoir easier to write.

Photographs provide many details of the people or places, that would have been difficult to describe for inexperienced writers, so when writing a picture memoir, the writer only has to tell in the story of the photo, not describe the picture itself.

If a photograph shows a house by a lake with three children, then the writer only has to fill in the story of who the children are and what they were doing at the lake. The description of the lake and boat and weather is told by the photo.

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