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How much does it cost to write and publish a memoir - 2023 price

How much does it cost to write and publish a memoir - 2022 price

Writing your memoir can cost as little as €2001 if you choose a company like to publish a memoir of 60,000 page with 30 photos. See memoir prices

The reason the cost to write a memoir can be that affordable, is because a memoir is very different from a novel or other type of book.

With the advent of modern digital publishing anyone can publish or self-publish their own memoir and it doesn't have to cost a small fortune.

This price includes professional editing, cover design, formatting and publication as a private or public book. 

So if you want to write a personal memoir for family and friends, then all the tools are available for you to do it  with the help of a company like to help you get the book ready for publishing.

You can decide if you want your memoir to be printed in a limited edition which you buy and distribute - or if you want it to be available on a publishing platform like Amazon.

Contact us if you are thinking about writing your life stories and writing a memoir. We'll give you a free quote and advice.

Lisette Williams with son Carl recording her Photomemoirs in 2018 onboard cruise ship Symphony of the Seas
Lisette Williams with Carl from Photomemoirs writing her memoirs onboard a cruise ship. 

When you choose to write your Photomemoirs book we will help you from start to finish.

We will send you simple instructions to support you every step of the way, from choosing the photos to writing the stories

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