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How to write your memoirs

Tips for writing your memoirs - how to get started.
There are many ways to write your memoirs and there is no single way to do it and no right or wrong way. 

You certainly don't have to be famous or well-known to write a memoir.

We are all "family famous" and well-known to our family and friends. 

There are no rules for how to write your memoirs and there's no "memoirs police" to scold you if your memoirs are different from others.

Memoirs are highly personal and you can write them any way you like.

Tips how to write your memoirs

What is the difference between Memoirs and Autobiography. 

Which should I write?


An autobiography is generally a detailed account of your entire life to date in chronological order starting at birth. 

So in theory, one can only write one autobiography, which could have a title like, for example, "My life story".

A collections of memoirs

People sometimes call an autobiography their "memoirs" because memoirs are a collection of stories from a life. 

A memoir

A memoir is just one story from your life

You can write just one memoir or write several individual memoirs.

For example your could write a memoir (one story) called "Growing up in Liverpool in the 1950s"

You could you could write several memoirs and publish them together as a collection of several stories from in your life.

Then the individual memoirs could be organised in chapters, for example, Chapter 1 "Growing up in Liverpool in the 1950s" and Chapter 2 could be "Fishing in the Mersey river."

Famous people generally write an autobiography in the hope of selling many books and some use the services of a "ghostwriter" which is the name for a professional writer who writes the autobiography in the name of the celebrity. 

Decide how you want to write your memoirs 

Think back on your life and decide what you want to write about. Even though you are not family remember that we are all special in our own way and the stories of "ordinary" lives are often fun to read and especially for family and friends.

If you think about it then you will find that a long life has many highpoints like weddings, house moves, holiday, jobs and so on that are full of interesting and fun details.

A good way to find the highpoints is to look at the photos around your house and use them as a guide for writing your memoirs. This is how the service works. It helps you write your memoirs based on memorable photos.

Anyone can write their memoirs
Thanks to the digital age anyone can write their a memoir of their life and self-publish it as an e-book or paperback book. is a new and fun way for the family to get involved in writing family memoirs.

Photomemoirs is a service that helps you write and publish your memoirs in an easy and fun way.

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